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ISO Innovations roll out at Curlewis

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ISO Innovations roll out at Curlewis

The Covid-19 pandemic has not curbed Curlewis Golf Club’s desire to innovate and continue to climb all official Australian course rankings.  The club has activated a suite of course ‘ISO’ innovations and improvements since the onset of the pandemic.

The original forced closure of course and club actually presented an ideal opportunity to regroup, plan and activate numerous improvements with the course team working split shifts to ensure Covid-19 safety measures were followed.

Ironically, there was a silver lining during the period of closure.  We were able to activate extensive course innovations and improvements – some were on the ‘wish list’ whilst others were those that had been put on the back burner.

 Innovations have included the establishment of environmental wetlands which have not only assisted with drainage, they are already showing sustainable signs of nurturing local wildlife.  The wetlands also enhance the overall aesthetic playing environment of the much loved Curlewis course.

A particular favourite for the Curlewis team has been the installation of ‘The Serpent’, a water feature (commonly known as a ‘burn’) which meanders across the 6th.  The Serpent not only provides exciting challenges for the golfer, it serves a practical purpose by channelling any excess water flow emanating from the newly constructed Tivoli Drive development.

Many of the tees had been reworked and improved and more than nine bunkers had also been modified and replenished. The back nine is now complete and we are now forging ahead on the front nine.

Fairways have been widened on eight holes and, in several locations the rough has been removed or reduced.   This inherently forces the golfer into a mindset of more strategic thinking when tackling the course.

 Another improvement has been the extension of irrigation on more than seven holes which was good news on the sustainability front.

Curlewis has always been known for its year-round lush green fairways due to our onsite water reclamation plant.  The extension of irrigation on various fairways has seen a substantial reinvigoration of indigenous vegetation.  This, in turn, strengthens the eco-cycle environment of the course.

The Covid-19 pandemic had resulted in an increase in people seeking out golf as an ideal exercise – from regulars to lapsed golfers as well as those new to the game.

Golf has remained as one of the few sports you can regularly play – it provides certainty in a time of confusion.  The health benefits of golf are well known – it facilitates people of all ages and fitness levels getting out in the fresh air, enjoying passive exercise and social contact even with the current distancing restrictions.

The ongoing spate of initiatives, innovations and course upgrades had not gone unnoticed amongst those considering the move to membership.

There has been a dramatic increase in new member activations over the last few months – many have come as Green Fee players and really enjoyed the course and all it has to offer.

The Serpent


Reshaping Bunkers

The 17th Green

1st green with new sandy waste and reworked left bunker



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