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I don’t think it matters what sport you play there is this strange thing called timing that has a big bearing on how well you play, how fast you can go and how often you can do it well. Timing is hard to quantify and until fairly recently not measurable. Sports people with good timing hit the ball a long way, kick the ball a long way and throw a long way seemingly using very little energy.
This timing thing you can see clearly when you watch the touring professionals play, it is particularly noticeable when you watch the women play. They are extremely efficient and have near perfect timing.
So how do you go and get yourself this timing that allows effortless power and control?
Like all things related to golf it is not that easy to obtain and it has a relatively complicated equation attached. It is a combination of many different things around co-ordination, athleticism and technique.
One thing you can do to improve your timing is to think about the sequence of your downswing. The best players have a very distinct sequence that starts when they begin the downswing. This sequence starts with the feet and gradually moves up the body. Each part not moving until the part below has started. This is not a disjointed stop start movement it is absolutely seamless. The other thing to note is that the longest hitters take the most time to get from the beginning of their downswing to half way down.
The swing thought here needs to be take your time in the first part of the downswing and then let every part of your body accelerate gradually, the last thing to go is the club head.
 The opposite is true for short hitters and golfers with poor timing… the club head goes first!

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