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The last few articles have been targeted on what to practice. 

This week I want to discuss some effective ways on how to 

practice and more specifically the way you should structure 

your valuable practice time.


The first thing you should do when you decide to have a practice session is set a specific goal. Decide what you are going to work on and then stick to it. Try not to jump around onto different

topics and different theories. This strategy will give your brain 

and body a chance to get used to whatever you are practicing.


I believe that dividing your practice into two categories is the 

best way to improve your golf. You should be either practicing technique or shot production. Definitely not both at the same time.


If you decide you are going to do a technique session then your technique is the only assessment you should be making. 

You need to ignore the ball flight and solely concentrate on 

adjusting your movement. This is particularly crucial early in the cycle as you will not hit all your shots well as your hand eye 

co-ordination is not familiar with the change.


Practice sessions where you only work on shot making are good fun and are where you will work out what shots you are good at and what shots you should stay away from. These sessions are 

rehearsals of how you should play on the course in competition. 

If you are competing and trying to perform to your best then technique should not be your main focus. The main focus should be the target and what shot gets you there.


Try to be disciplined when you practice and don’t work on 

everything at once. You will end up doing none of those 

things well. 

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