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Steve's Golf Tip - One Thing at a Time

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One Thing at a Time

This week I would to outline the best process for improving your game.

The first thing I would say is the majority of golfers think that if they drive the ball straight they will improve the scores significantly. Therefore, they fiddle with their swing and hit lots of drives try lots of different swing thoughts but don’t improve their scores.

It is just so important to find the correct information for YOUR game and then go into a process where you are completing one task at a time. The list of actual or perceived faults can’t become long. If you are trying to work on too many things at once then you will end up improving none of them, the obvious piece that will provide improvement will not improve and your game will not get better. I see this process so often.

Good coaches will identify a piece of your movement that is either holding you back or causing the swing sequence to not work properly. This can be and in most cases is simple information accompanied with a drill or exercise. Good coaches understand that if you improve the correct piece of the swing there will be a flow on effect throughout the swing. That is, one swing thought will improve other parts of your swing.

I can say from my view as a coach, that the hardest thing to get your students to do and understand is to do just one thing at a time and that one thing at a time is how you will improve at the quickest pace.


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