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Steve's Golf Tip - How Do You Learn

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Today’s topic is a tricky one as it has a lot facets to the overall scheme. You could argue that knowing accurately how you learn is the most important part of improving your golf game. Everyone is a bit different and I can tell you that there is definitely no one size fits all. There is a range of learning styles and most people operate with combinations of these styles. There is no one way to learn, all you need to know is which style you should gravitate to.

The first question I ask myself when a new student comes to see me is, how do I get the message to this person as easily as possible?

A lot of people do not understand how they learn and it is my job to help them understand how they analyse the information coming from me.

 For example, a professional dancer is likely to be very good at copying movement so a fair bit of the lesson will be demonstration and mostly in front of a mirror so they can see the movement. An engineer will want to know all the gruesome detail so that needs to be addressed and explained. And then you have the whole learning spectrum in between.

Golf coaching should not be all smoke and mirrors, if done well the message will be as clear as a bell and as simple as possible. This doesn’t mean that you will be able to do what is required straight away but you will understand what to do and how you need to go about learning whatever skill is required.


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