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Steve Golf Tip - Club Head Path

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I definitely feel that if you are the kind of golfer that plays with inconsistent direction and/or inconsistent contact and you know that if you could tidy this area up then being able to control the club head is where you should be starting.

 So, this week let’s have look at how your club head positioning could improve through impact.

This part of the swing is hard to monitor as the impact with the ball is distracting and the club head is moving at its maximum speed.

Try to keep your thoughts as simple as possible here. Most golfers, about 75% will have the club head travelling from outside to in and at too steep an angle when they make contact. This will bring slicing, pulls, topping, fat shots and toe contact as the main results but typically it will be super inconsistent.

Some golfers have the opposite path, inside to out, and the will have blocking, thin shots and heal contact as the main results.

Either way a really simple drill to help with the path of your swing is to place an alignment stick or club just on the other side of the ball and parallel to the target line. Start with some really slow practice swings trying to swing roughly parallel to the stick, they have to be really slow at the start!!! if you swing fast you will just swing the way you normally do. You will be able to see the path of your swing if you are going slowly enough. This is such valuable feedback. Try to lock in on what the correct path feels like.

This is a really simple way to improve your contact and direction. Make sure you persevere, it will take some time to feel comfortable.

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