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Steve Brodie - PGA Pro Golf Tip of the Week

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Steve Brodie - PGA Pro Golf Tip of the Week
Look in the Mirror

 I wrote recently about training aids and their ability to do what they are advertised to do. One training aid that is very effective is a putting mirror.

Putting mirrors can help you with quite a few aspects of your putting and if you are serious about practicing your putting and therefore improving your stroke then a putting mirror is a must have piece of equipment.

Most putting mirrors will have a number of alignment aids on the surface, it doesn’t really matter what configuration they have or how many or how few as long as they help you with the alignment of the club head and the path of your putting stroke.

Alignment of the putter face is arguably the most important item on your checklist for great putting. If you are not able to align the face consistently then you will not be able to roll the ball consistently on the lines you pick and if you are not good at rolling the ball where you want it to go you will always struggle with reading the green.

Your mirror should have some lines on the face that help with the target line. Once you can see the target line accurately and you can get the club face moving along the target line the correct way then you will definitely become a better putter.

A putting mirror can also show you where you a placing your eyes at address and what your head is doing during the stroke. It is much easier to aim properly if your eyes are directly on the target line and just behind the ball. Golfers that place their eyes target side of the ball or outside of the target line nearly always struggle badly.

 When you look down at the ball sitting on the mirror you can see everything you need to see to be a better putter.


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