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Driver Loft
One of the most important questions you should answer with regards to your equipment is… what loft should my driver be?

Small differences in loft can make a lot of differences to the way your shots will fly. The modern driver has some pretty cool adjustability, you can set it to fly higher or lower and believe it or not, most drivers you can set to influence the ball to the left or right as well.

As I have written in many of the other articles most golfers, because of their technique, spin the ball too much, it therefore flies too high and doesn’t carry as far as it should or could. The extra spin and height also means that the ball will not roll out once it hits the ground.

 So here comes the problem.
Golfers will then set their driver to a lower loft in an attempt to fix this problem. The drama here is that if you have technique that produces the shot patterns mentioned above lowering the loft will make it worse.

 Modern drivers have a bunch of tech in them to reduce spin if you swing at more than 100 MPH, but if you swing at 80 MPH then the ball will not spin enough to launch properly. Most golfer’s reaction to this lack of launch is to attempt scooping the ball into the air which compounds the problems above. It is a vicious cycle that is so common.

The way forward is to address the technique issues that make your ball fly the way it does and then get a driver that is set for that technique. Not the other way around.

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