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Curlewis Open Week Results 2017

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Congratulations to all of our winners cross all events of the 2017 open week. We had very strong fields consisting of a mixture of local and visiting talent, which led to some great scoring throughout the week. The weather gods were in our favor with the sunshine being prevalent across the four days to help make a great week even more enjoyable for all players and staff involved. A huge thank you has to go to our fabulous ground staff for providing the course in such great condition, Rob and his staff worked tirelessly to make this event possible so thank you again for your efforts. Thanks to everyone who participated, we look forward to an even bigger and better event in 2018.


Thursday Ladies Open/Curlewis Plate


A Grade Gross Winner: Jade Shellback (The National) 79

A Grade Gross Runner Up: Kerrin Biddle (13th Beach) 80

A Grade Gross Third: Wendy Tottenham (Curlewis) 82


A Grade Nett Winner: Vicki Carnie (Curlewis) 76

A Grade Nett Runner Up: Angela Foott (Portarlington) 77

A Grade Nett Third: Margaret Whitmore (Lonsdale) 78


B Grade Gross Winner: Fiona Fitzpatrick (East Geelong) 94

B Grade Gross Runner Up: Maxine Noske (Curlewis) 96

B Grade Gross Third: Louise Shannon (Curlewis) 99


B Grade Nett Winner: Katrina Lovelock (East Geelong) 70

B Grade Nett Runner Up: Helen Beales (East Geelong) 76

B Grade Nett Third: Dianne Rabbas (East Geelong) 77


Curlewis Plate Winners: Katrina Lovelock, Helen Beales and Dianne Rabbas (East Geelong) 104

Curlewis Plate Runners Up: Sue McLean, Rita Zenk and Karin Hardy (Queens Park) 87


4th NTP: Lorraine Wright (Curlewis)

8th NTP: Heather Harley (Kooringal)

13th NTP: Elaine Cass (Curlewis)

17th NTP: Heather Harley (Kooringal)


Friday Men’s and Women’s Irish 4 Ball


Women’s Winners: Sue O’Conner (Curlewis), Carol Connelly, Andrea Wilson, Colleen Mctaggert (Clifton Springs) 118


Women’s Runners Up: Helen Beales, Judith Mather, Katrina Lovelock and Judy Bennett (East Geelong) 109


Men’s Winners: Phil Lacombe, John Hargreaves, Ray Wilson (Curlewis) Bob Cook (Rosebud) 131


Men’s Runners Up: Tendai Makuwatsine, Dean Anderson (Curlewis), Martin Shembry (13th Beach), Andrea Rhodes (Heathcote) 124


Saturday Men’s 18 Hole Open


A Grade Gross Winner: Nicholas Ward (Huntingdale) 72

A Grade Gross Runner Up: Stewart Drayton (13th) 74

A Grade Gross Third: Matthew Drew (Kooringal) 75


A Grade Nett Winner: Kieran Vogel (Huntingdale) 71

A Grade Nett Runner Up: Phil Cooper (Peninsula) 73

A Grade Nett Third: Zoran Stojanovski (Curlewis) 74


B Grade Gross Winner: Dennis Biscan (Curlewis) 81 c/b

B Grade Gross Runner Up: Eric Fleming (Curlewis) 81

B Grade Gross Third: John Hogan (Huntingdale) 83


B Grade Nett Winner: Alan Bartle (Curlewis) 72

B Grade Nett Runner Up: Daniel Wright (Curlewis) 73

B Grade Nett Third: Stuart McKee (Curlewis) 74


C Grade Gross Winner: Andrew Witcombe (Curlewis) 93

C Grade Gross Runner Up: Eamon Stringer (Below The Pin GC) 94

C Grade Gross Third: Murray Chapman (Curlewis) 94


C Grade Nett Winner: Adam Barrett (Curlewis) 74

C Grade Nett Runner Up: Brett Howard (Curlewis) 75

C Grade Nett Third: Gary Dunkinson (Yering Meadows) 77


4th NTP: Matthew Drew (Huntingdale)

8th NTP: Phil Cooper (Peninsula)

13th NTP: Alan Bartle (Curlewis)

17th NTP: Greg Bishop (Curlewis)


Sunday 4 Person Ambrose


Men’s Winners: Steve Cadby, Colin Luttrell (Curlewis), Matthew Luttrell and Chris Davis (Barwon Valley) 54.5


Men’s Runners Up: Bradley Dillon, Trevor Macnee, Cameron McCasker and Eugene Charles 56.75


Women’s Winner: Graeme Brierly (Clifton Springs), Sue O’Connor, Bernie Den Besten and Heather Bishop (Curlewis) 56.125


4th NTP: Graeme Brierly (Clifton Springs)

8th NTP: Peter Weire (Curlewis)

13th NTP: John Hargreaves (Curlewis)

17th NTP: Grant Peacock (Curlewis)

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